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Chatty Booth – Meeting | 2 User

  • Wide range of Exterior Acoustic Colours
  • Wide Range of Bench Top Colours
  • 10 Year Warranty
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Introducing the Chatty Booth – Meeting | 2 User, the ultimate solution for private discussions, collaborative tasks, and breakout sessions in open spaces. This booth is specifically designed to optimize face-to-face communication while eliminating interference from the surrounding environment, creating the perfect atmosphere for productive interactions.

With overall dimensions of 2400mmL x 1200mmW x 2400mmH, the Chatty Booth – Meeting provides ample space for two users to comfortably engage in conversations, brainstorming sessions, and important meetings. The thoughtfully designed D-end desk dimensions of 800mmL x 800mmW x 750mmH offer a convenient and spacious surface for laptops, documents, and other essentials.

One of the standout features of the Chatty Booth – Meeting is its exceptional acoustic properties, ensuring clear and uninterrupted communication within the space. Say goodbye to distractions and hello to enhanced productivity as you engage in focused discussions without interference from external noise.

This versatile booth is not only perfect for meetings but also doubles as a relaxation pod. With lounge dimensions of 1100mmL x 625mmD x 775mmH and a lounge seat height of 450mmH, it offers maximum comfort for informal face-to-face meetings or moments of relaxation, allowing users to unwind and recharge.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your open space into a hub of productivity and relaxation. Invest in the Chatty Booth – Meeting | 2 User and experience the benefits of a conducive environment for private discussions, collaborative tasks, breakout sessions, and even casual gatherings. With its sleek design and multifunctionality, this booth is the perfect addition to any workspace or communal area, enabling effective communication and fostering a productive atmosphere.


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