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How to Make Your Classroom More Inviting | Abax Kingfisher


The main purpose of decorating your classroom is to create a functional learning space. However, it is important to consider how you can arrange your space in a way that creates a comfortable, warm, and responsive classroom.

To create a safe environment and culture, you must focus on designing the space in such a way that it encourages relationships, safety and belonging.

Check out these ideas to make your classroom more functional and inviting:


Natural Lighting


The use of natural light within the classroom creates a more relaxed and warmer environment.

Natural light helps to foster a calm classroom environment and reduces stress. Studies display that

exposure to natural light helps improve students’ academics, behaviour, and attendance.



Ergonomic Furniture

To support a relaxed learning environment, it is vital that you invest in comfortable and ergonomic classroom furniture. Ergonomic furniture helps students to maintain their concentration throughout the day, therefore delivering better learning outcomes, and protects their growing bodies against aches and pains.



Cosy Reading Corner

Dedicate a corner of your classroom to be a space where students can go to relax and engage in silent or group reading time. Make sure that you add comfortable furniture pieces, such as bean bags, soft lounges, and futon mats.



Collaborative Learning

Consider ways you can re-arrange the classroom furniture to support collaborative learning. Investing in furniture, such as stackable desks, allows you to transform your classroom space with ease. Additionally, ensure you invest in student tables that are designed to foster both group and individual work, such as Abax Kingfishers Clover Table.



Posters and Artwork

Visually showcase and celebrate your student’s accomplishments by displaying learnings and artworks on the classroom’s walls. This will encourage students to be proud of the work they completed and will fill your space with vibrant and inspiring colours.

Abax Kingfisher provides the highest quality classroom furniture Sydney can offer and prioritise students comfort when learning. For more information about creating an inviting classroom contact us on 1300 300 369.


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