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How Technology is Changing Classroom Furniture


Schools have always been at the forefront of technology and that has only progressed in this new digital era. From computers that students use to code and create multimedia projects to tablets that are filled with books and educational apps, there’s no shortage of technology in today’s classrooms. This has meant that classroom furniture has had to adapt over time and that’s why Abax Kingfisher offers innovative and practical furniture that suits all of today’s modern needs for students.

With students regularly using laptops and tablets for school now, keeping devices charged has become an issue. After all, these great devices become pretty meaningless and just a paperweight if the battery is completely dead. Many schools opt for charging stations, of which we offer a wide selection of including Carrier, Joey and iQ varieties, and there are also great Power Towers that schools can purchase. These don’t just offer standard power outlets but also have USB outlets that can be used for tablets and phones without any sort of adapter. These are perfect for collaborative areas as multiple students can use one tower to charge their devices. Overall, we have a wide range of products that help keep cables tidy and give students options to charge devices.

blankAs technology has continued to increase and change so has the way teachers approach students. More and more schools are starting to stray away from traditional desks as they don’t take advantage of possible collaboration and aren’t made for technology. The best classrooms of today look quite different from the schools that parents attended. That’s why Abax Kingfisher offers several different chair, table and desk variants that help create a more relaxed learning atmosphere that is better suited for today’s students. No matter how students want to learn, we have classroom furniture that will fit their needs.

Many schools that focus on independent learning have had success by creating lab-like areas that allow for students to have easy access to technology and have data ports all around them. Getting tables with wheels on them are also a convenient way to allow students to both work separately or in a larger group. Every student learns differently, so allowing them to learn in the way that works best for them is always ideal. The innovative furniture that Abax Kingfisher offers gives schools the flexibility to do just that.

One might think that adapting to today’s technology will be an expensive and difficult undertaking, but a lot of our furniture is easy to implement and can be done without needing large-scale renovations. Some small changes can wind up having a huge impact on how students learn in this technological world. Keeping tablets and laptops charged and allowing students to learn in non-traditional ways can be done without changing classrooms completely. Check out the wide range of classroom furniture that Abax Kingfisher has today and see how your school can improve. If you want to learn even more, give us a call at 1300 811 054 or email us at

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