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5 Key Questions to Ask When Buying Classroom Furniture Sydney

Classroom Furniture In A Sydney School

Purchasing new classroom furniture Sydney for your school or classroom is an exciting time for the teachers and students involved. However there are some important questions you should asks before committing to your order. These questions will help ensure that you get value for money and that the furniture you order is suitable for your teaching needs.



What is the warranty on your classroom furniture

Making sure you understand the warranty policy provided by your supplier is vital. Classroom furniture Sydney can get some ‘heavy’ use and may require repairs or maintenance after purchase, so it’s important to know how long you will be covered and what you will be covered for.

Another very important aspect of warranty is the length of the warranty. Generally education furniture is warranted for a minimum of 7 years, however here at Abax Kingfisher we provide a minimum of 10 years on our educational furniture.

There are some excellent benefits to having longer warranties on your classroom furniture. Classroom furnishings can be expensive and it’s not uncommon for items to be damaged soon after they are purchased. A good warranty will allow you to send back any issues with the furniture without question and get replacements delivered right away.

Abax Kingfisher’s warranty policy is best in class with the focus being on ensuring you have awesome furniture that lasts for years to come. Contact us today to discuss how our warranty policy can benefit you.

What colour options are included in this price ?


classroom furniture setting in classroom


This may seem like an odd question, however there are generally different price brackets for the furniture depending on what colours you are wanting to use in your learning environments.

It is always a good idea discuss what colours are included in the price early on, to ensure that there is no surprises when you are ready to order.

Abax Kingfisher has worked hard to ensure that there are 100’s of colours and tens of thousands of colour variations at each price bracket. Ensuring that no matter your budget, you can find what you need.

We don’t want to miss out on the fun of creating a beautiful classroom environment just because of colour !

You can check out our standard colour ranges here or you can contact us to discuss your requirements at any time here

flip tables in classroom

Does your price include delivery and installation of the school furniture ?

Its important to understand what’s in included within the delivery component of your order.

Does the delivery include assembly of the products or will you have to assemble ?

Assembly of school furniture is a time consuming process. If you decide to assemble the school furniture inhouse, make sure you understand the amount of time it will take and plan accordingly.

Does the delivery include placement in the room(s) where the furniture will be used or is it delivered to reception only ?

Sometimes delivery can be to the front reception counter of the school. If you have a larger order being delivered, make sure you are aware of where the furniture supplier will place the goods.

Does the delivery and installation team complete a full clean of the space once they have finished ?

It takes quite a bit of time to clean the space after an install. Ensure that your supplier leaves your space clean and tidy is really important.

Will the delivery and install team assist in moving existing furniture to accommodate the new items ?

If you have existing school furniture in your space, such as chairs, tables or storage, make sure to clear the space before the install team arrives. Alternatively let Abax Kingfisher know and we can assist in moving this for you.

With over 30 years in the school furniture industry, Abax Kingfisher knows how important it is to have your furniture delivered and installed with absolutely not hassle to you. We take pride in our Classroom Furniture Delivery and Installation Team, providing premium service for our customers.

Our Classroom Furniture Delivery and Installation Team are highly skilled with experience in delivering furniture in challenging environments. These challenges include higher floor levels, narrow staircases or winding hallways that may not accommodate larger items of furniture. Our Classroom Furniture Delivery and Installation Team will make sure delivery is smooth sailing.

Contact Abax Kingfisher Today to discuss how our delivery and install team can help you.


Classroom Furniture in Sydney


How long will it take to receive my order of classroom furniture Sydney

If you have a specific time frame in mind for when you need to receive your new classroom furniture it’s important to have this discussion early. If you need classroom classroom furniture Sydney then Abax Kingfisher can quick ship certain products within 14 days or less.

Many of Abax Kingfisher’s products are Australian Made in our warehouses in Sydney and Melbourne. We can manufacture and deliver within 35 working days in 1000’s of different colours, shapes and sizes.


Classroom furniture in a sydney school

How is your educational furniture different from other types of furniture

It’s important to discuss the features and benefits of classroom specific furniture with your supplier. School furniture needs to be manufactured to withstand the rigours of an learning environments.

Classroom Classroom furniture is more than just a place to sit, it’s about giving students an environment where they can thrive and make connections.

Abax Kingfisher knows how important it is to create learning spaces which foster creativity and growth in your students. It’s our mission at Abax Kingfisher to provide innovative classroom furniture solutions for schools all across Australia that help students develop into creative problem solvers who are ready for what life has in store for them next.

If you need help deciding on what classroom furniture to purchase for your school contact Abax Kingfisher today.

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