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10 Ingenious Methods to Revitalise Outdated Library Furniture

Library Furniture

Designing and planning library spaces often involves recognising the potential of repurposing old library furniture. This process not only breathes new life into well-used pieces but also promotes sustainability by minimising waste. In this article, we present 10 inventive approaches to repurposing old library furniture, turning them into practical and visually appealing elements for your library.

  1. Seating from repurposed bookshelves:

Transform a worn-out bookshelf into comfortable seating by adding cushions and upholstery. This offers extra seating in your library while preserving its literary charm.

  1. Card catalogue coffee table:

Give an old card catalogue a new purpose by converting it into a unique coffee table. Attach a glass or wooden top and wheels to the bottom to create a functional, conversation-starting piece that celebrates the library’s history.

  1. Magazine rack planters:

Use old magazine racks as planters for indoor greenery. Paint the rack a bright colour, line it with a plastic or fabric liner, and fill it with potting soil and your favourite plants. This adds a touch of nature to your library space and enhances the ambience.

  1. Mobile book displays from rolling carts:

Revitalize a dated rolling cart by turning it into a mobile book display with a fresh coat of paint and fun decals. This allows you to showcase new books or highlight themed collections while maximizing your available space.

  1. Shelves from stackable chairs:

Repurpose surplus old stackable chairs as shelves by securing them together horizontally and mounting them on the wall. This unique shelving unit can hold books, décor, or other library materials.

  1. Library ladder plant stand:

Convert a retired library ladder into a multi-tier plant stand. Sand and paint the ladder to coordinate with your library’s colour scheme, then arrange your favourite potted plants on its steps. This creates a visually striking vertical garden that adds life and vibrancy to the space.

  1. Communal workstations from old desks:

Give a scratched or chipped desk a new purpose as a communal workstation. Sand and refinish the surface, then position it in a central location for patrons to gather and work or collaborate on projects.

  1. Reading nook created from a repurposed bookcase:

Lay a large bookcase on its side and add cushions and throw pillows to form a cosy reading nook for children or adults. This inviting space encourages patrons to relax and enjoy their favourite books.

  1. Tabletop bulletin board:

Transform the tabletop of an old table into a bulletin board by removing the legs and attaching cork or fabric to the surface. Add a decorative border and hang the repurposed bulletin board in a prominent location to display announcements, artwork, or other library-related materials.

  1. Display-worthy end tables from upcycled furniture:

Revitalize an old end table by sanding, painting, and decoupaging it with book pages or other decorative elements. These refreshed tables make ideal displays for book covers, library events, or promotional materials.

Revitalising old library furniture not only reinvigorates these items but also supports your library’s sustainability.

By being creative and resourceful, you can transform timeworn pieces into functional and visually pleasing additions to your library.

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