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– Modular, connectable, and configurable
– Durable and easy to clean
– Mobile and height-adjustable
– Encourages teamwork and creativity

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Introducing the StudySpot Table system, the ultimate solution for creating collaborative classrooms. The StudySpot Table system is designed to be modular, connectable and perfect for a great range of configurations. The system consists of a 1200 x 600 table, a 1500 x 600 table and a 1200 half circle table, allowing for endless possibilities to suit your classroom needs.

The StudySpot Table system allows for easy reconfiguration of the classroom, from traditional theater style to collaborative study style, making the most of limited space. The tables are constructed with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting use. The system allows for easy connection of tables and it’s perfect for creating small group or large group settings.

The StudySpot Table system is easy to clean and maintain and it’s perfect for any classroom. With the StudySpot Table system, you can create the perfect collaborative learning environment for your students, encouraging teamwork and creativity. The system is available in different finishes to match your classroom decor.

This system comes with a 10-year warranty

Additionally, the StudySpot Table system is mobile and height-adjustable, allowing for easy movement and flexibility in the classroom. This feature allows for easy reconfiguration of the classroom and provides students with the ability to adjust their seating for maximum comfort and productivity.

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