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Storm Notice Case


  • Display flyers and notes
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Writable whiteboard
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Storm Notice Case 

The Storm Notice Case from Abax Kingfisher offers a strong and secure solution for displaying important notices. Its tough design and sleek look suit many settings. Your information stays safe and easy to see.


  • 590mmW x 760mmH
  • 590mmW x 1080mmH
  • 820mmW x 1080mmH
  • 1050mmW x 1080mmH
  • 1350mmW x 980mmH


The frame uses durable aluminium. The backboard is high-quality bulletin board cork. This makes it reliable and long-lasting.


  • Single Lock with 2 Keys Provided: Keeps your notices secure.
  • Unique Water-Resistant Design: An internal rubber seal keeps moisture out.
  • Laminated Back: Adds strength to the case.
  • Pinnable Surface: Easy to attach and display notices.


The Storm Notice Case has a 10-year warranty. This ensures long-lasting quality and performance.

Lead Time

The lead time for this product is 49 days. This ensures efficient production and timely delivery.

Finish Options

The notice case features a cork backboard. It is paired with a satin silver frame. This gives it a sleek and professional look.


This product is not customisable.


No additional accessories are included.

Enhance your display area with the Storm Notice Case. It offers a perfect blend of durability, security, and style. This makes it an ideal choice for any environment. With its strong aluminium frame and secure lock, your notices stay protected. The water-resistant design adds extra protection. The laminated back ensures the case stays strong over time. Choose the Storm Notice Case for a reliable and stylish way to display your information. It’s built to last and looks great in any setting. The clear glass and neat frame make it a top choice for notice boards.

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