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Kingfisher End Panels & Canopies


  • Perfect for creating a finished look
  • Range of styles
  • Standard melamine colours or choose your own


Kingfisher End Panels & Canopies

Kingfisher End Panels & Canopies Create a unique identity in your library with Kingfisher End Panels. Designed to be as individual as your environment, Kingfisher end panels can be produced from any material in any shape and size to beautify and create an environment that welcomes and encourages patrons to utilise the space.

Use end panels to provide information, showcase new releases, identify collections, or simply for their beauty. From elegant unembellished designs to complete customised works of art each end panel will speak their own language and deliver it’s own message.

End panels can be added to your existing shelving to provide an instantaneous new look to your library.

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