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Kidz Book Boxes


  • Great for Kids
  • Large range of colours
  • 10 Year warranty
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Introducing the Kidz Book Box: The Quintessential Addition to Educational Spaces

Elevate the reading experience in your educational environment with the Kidz Book Box, a cornerstone of function and style in commercial furniture. Meticulously designed for primary schools and libraries, this book box is the epitome of practical elegance. It measures a convenient 600mm in width, 600mm in depth, and 600mm in height, ensuring it fits seamlessly into a variety of spaces while offering ample room for a diverse range of picture books.

Key Features:
  • Sizes & Dimensions: The Kidz Book Box comes in a perfect square design, each side measuring 600mm, providing a balanced and accessible storage solution for young readers.
  • Materials: Constructed from robust 18mm E0 melamine, this book box is built to last. It stands testament to our commitment to quality and sustainability, guaranteeing a durable product with minimal environmental impact.
  • Mobility: Fitted with heavy-duty castors, the Kidz Book Box is effortlessly mobile, making it a versatile addition to dynamic educational settings. Relocate it with ease to suit the changing needs of your space.
  • Design & Functionality: Specifically designed to accommodate picture books, this book box is an ideal fixture in primary school classrooms and libraries. Its heavy-duty construction ensures longevity, even in the most bustling of environments.
  • Warranty: With a 10-year warranty, the Kidz Book Box is not just an investment in furniture but in the future of education and reading engagement.
  • Lead Time: Tailored to your requirements, the lead time for this outstanding piece is 7-8 weeks.
  • Finish: Available in a selection of Abax Kingfisher’s standard melamine colours, the Kidz Book Box is as stylish as it is functional. Choose a finish that complements your space and adds an air of sophistication.
  • Maintenance: Keeping the Kidz Book Box in pristine condition is hassle-free. A simple wipe down with a soft microfiber cloth and warm water is all it takes to maintain its appearance and hygiene.


The Kidz Book Box is more than just a piece of furniture; it’s a transformative element for any educational setting. Its thoughtful design and durable construction make it an indispensable tool in fostering a love for reading among young minds. By choosing the Kidz Book Box, you’re not just selecting a book storage solution; you’re enhancing the educational experience for generations to come.

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