Get the very best teacher planners in Australia

A classroom – and school – is about more than desks and chairs. Delivering the best educational outcomes requires planning and organisation, and so, no classroom is complete without a high quality teacher planner. Teachers find all kinds of uses for planners, and Abax Kingfisher is a specialist in providing the best classroom teaching resources, including teacher planners for the most specific requirements.

Whether it’s a perpetual monthly planner or full term planner, so a class can be reminded of key dates, such as due assignments or exams, or it’s a staff status board so the faculty can be reminded of what’s going on, teacher planners serve a wide variety of purposes in the classroom and the staff room. Abax Kingfisher’s range even includes a music planner so students and teachers can easily make musical notes in that very specific setting.

Our teacher planners use the highest grade materials, ensuring that not only will the notes and markings last for the week, month, term or year – however long you need them to be there, but they’ll also clean away easily when it’s time to reset. We stock planners that are designed to last for the long term.

All of our planners are also designed by experts to be easy to read at a glance. With a crisp white background, the text written onto the planner using a whiteboard marker will pop out, and regardless of whether the planner is for a month or a whole year, there’s plenty of space in each date “cell”, meaning that there’s no need to scribble small. Anyone from the classroom, no matter where they are, will be able to follow what’s written onto the board.

All of our planners are backed with our quality guarantee. If you have any further questions about the range, or how they might benefit your classroom or staff room, contact the friendly team at Abax Kingfisher today!