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From a humble start up to one of Australia’s best suppliers in education furniture across Australia.

We know and are driven to creating spaces that are innovative, inspiring and enlivening.


Our satisfaction comes when we see our clients and their customers enjoy spaces we’ve designed, installed and transformed. These moments make us realise how much of a difference Abax Kingfisher can make.


Our furniture is distinctive and aesthetically pleasing; it is genuinely innovative furniture, but at the same time it’s practical and beneficial to all.

Among our ready made products, we are renowned for our innovative designs, that help create flexible learning environments that benefit you and other users.


We provide innovative design, exceptional care and focus on creating spaces that are unique and usable by you.

We ensure that you receive quality product and warranties that allow for real use in commercial or educational environment’s.


It began in 1988 in a backyard shed of a home in Sydney’s inner west with a young family to support and a big dream. With the struggles of any start up business, we began our turbulent journey to building an Australian company that cared about it’s clients and the environment.


Fast forward 30 years and the company has grown into a 2-family business. Throughout this journey we have never lost sight of our aim, to care for our clients and employees and have added profit sharing to the mix.


In 2009 we purchased the well-established Kingfisher Library brand. Today we create our own designs, but we do so with a fundamental belief that any product we design must have a real purpose, be suitable not just for today but for tomorrow as well. For us, a fad is not innovation.


From our successes we have formed thousands of client partnerships and have been supplying under government contracts for over 25 years. Our clients recommend Abax Kingfisher because they know we are reliable, thoughtful and will do everything we can to enhance and enliven their space.


Today we can look back at that small backyard shed and realise that we have we have made a difference that matters. At Abax Kingfisher, we are still passionate about what we do, and we look forward sharing this passion with you.


We take our environmental footprint seriously. That’s why we have made the effort to obtain and maintain our GECA and ISO 14001 Environmental Certifications. We are also ISO9001 and AS/NZS4801:2001 compliant.

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