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Why multi-functional classrooms are the future

An idea that has been gaining traction in recent years is that classrooms should be multi-functional in design. Regardless of the school, whether it’s primary school furniture or secondary school furniture, the layout of that furniture can have a significant impact on the learning outcomes.
Multi-functional classrooms recognise that fact and, taking things one step further, allow for flexibility within the classroom space so that the same classroom, and the same primary school furniture or high school furniture, can support different learning experiences. For example:

-There are times where the educator might want to foster flexible and open communication between teacher and students.
-There are times where the educator will want to encourage learning and collaboration between class peer groups.
-There are times where a student needs “isolated” time to engage in self-learning in a quiet space.
-Finally, there are times were the students will need to listen and absorb information provided by a teacher.
By designing the classroom around flexibility; i.e, it’s easy to move furniture around to shift between an optimal design for each of the above, the classroom can be seen as multi-functional. That is to say that the room can facilitate each of those optimal learning outcomes over the course of a standard school day, without disruption to the class.
Another key benefit of a multi-functional classroom is that it gives students the benefit of variety. Studies show that it’s difficult for a child to remain perfectly focused throughout the full day when they’re “locked” into a single seat and position in the classroom. However, with a multi-functional classroom, they’ll be encouraged to move around the space, which is good for the physical health of the student, as well as their concentration levels and, therefore, their learning capacity.
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