What to Look for as a Sign That Your Classroom Needs a Refresh

furniture for school classrooms

When a classroom arrangement stops working the way it should, learning outcomes are adversely impacted. These are the signs that a change is in order.

A good classroom arrangement can speak without words, immediately communicating to students the expectations and guidelines which they should abide by in the classroom. But it can be harder to know when a classroom arrangement isn’t working the way it should be. Here are some signs of faulty education furniture Australia based teachers should be looking out for, which are all telltale signs that a refresh is in order.


1.) Discomfort

Students need to be comfortable to learn effectively, and discomfort is a leading cause of disengagement in the classroom. This can result in clear problem cases like chairs being too small or too big, or in more subtle occasions such as a lack of space between students, too much distance between the seats and the board, or a buildup of static electricity between chairs and school uniforms. Most often, students will openly tell the teacher if their classroom space is uncomfortable. But this can also be noticed too by actions such as fidgeting, constant movement or reluctance to engage in classwork. Often, students are more controlled by their emotions but they won’t be able to clearly articulate why they feel this way. Consider sitting in a student’s chair after class and seeing what the lesson might feel like from their perspective.


2.) Complacency

Every now and then, the classroom should be changed a little so that students don’t become too accustomed to the routine of the space. If the classroom remains the same for multiple semesters, students will naturally fall into the same patterns of behaviour, and will be reluctant to try new things or apply themselves creatively in their learning. Students should see their rooms as a negotiable space which is there to support their learning, and a shift in furniture to reflect a more groupwork centred activity, for example, can communicate this ethos clearly.


3.) Safety Concerns

Ideally, all school furniture is built to last from sturdy materials – but most teachers will know this is not always the case. The most common culprit are chair legs or backs which bend due to students rocking on them, but everything from splinters and crevices in wooden surfaces or messy and exposed wiring in computer rooms can make it hard for students to focus solely on their learning. The Abax line provides education furniture Australia based teachers can rely on to have sturdy construction and resistance to bending or breaking.


4.) A Mis-matched Aesthetic

The types of furniture in the classroom clearly express the types of learning experiences that students should expect, whether intentionally or unintentionally. For this reason, it’s important to strike a balance when arranging tables, chairs and decorations. Too much bright colour in a science or maths classroom can be distracting and cause sensory overload, for example. On the other hand, a dull, grey room is hardly the best environment for an art or music class. Consider the types of learning experiences which students should be having in each space, and then ask, does the physical arrangement of this classroom communicate this?


5.) A Lack of Respect

Most importantly, students need to respect their school’s furniture. This can be hard to achieve if it is in a state of disrepair, which can naturally happen over years of use. So while a desk might not have any structural issues, if it’s littered with carvings, markings or whiteout spills, a student will still be distracted from their work. New and well-kept furniture communicates to students the investment made on their learning, and raises the expectations placed upon them.

As providers of the best education furniture Australia has to offer, we understand the various concerns that teachers can have about their school environment. If any of these signs seem like the culprit for disengagement, be sure to see what options you have in order to refresh your classroom arrangement.

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