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Top 5 Tips On Choosing The Right Office Table For Your Space


There are more office table designs than you can possibly imagine. As the design of the office has become increasingly important – people want their office space to match their brand and kind of work they do – so too has it become important that the tables in the office make ‘sense’ to that space.

To help you find the right tables to suit your office space, Abax Kingfisher stocks a massive range of tables that can suit every space ( We’ve also created this handy guide that walks you through the five most important things to think about when looking for tables to install in your office.

1) The aesthetics of office tables are important
It goes without saying that your office needs to look good, and the tables are a big part of that. A comfortable, professional, stylish office is good for staff morale (and helps recruitment by making your office look like a place people want to work). It’s also important for clients to see quality furniture for their perception of your brand.

So the aesthetics of the tables in your office are important. For most offices, this means an elegant kind of warm minimalism, with deliberately understated tables that add clean, clear lines into the architecture. Often this is accompanied by colourful or stand-our chairs to build personality and character into the space.

2) Consider what function you’ll be using the office table for
An office will generally have a number of different kinds of tables, each with their own functions. It’s important to choose tables to suit the specific purpose that they’ll be used for.

For example, one of the most important pieces of furniture in the office is the conference and meeting tables. These are the centerpieces of the office; you’ll put them in the key meeting rooms where all the major decisions, both internal and with clients, are made. They need to make an impression (and so should be impressive), but should also be able to fit as many people, comfortably, into the room as possible. That’s why it’s important to choose a table that suits the space – be that a long, rectangular one for a regular conference room, or, for smaller spaces, a circular or square table to maximise the use of space. We carry a wide range of different tables to suit all of these needs (; take the time to make sure you’ll be able to maximise your table’s function in whatever setting you place it.

3) Use office tables to get people standing and moving around
Research shows that people should be neither sitting all day, nor standing all day ( A good office environment will encourage its staff to get up and move around from time to time, and indeed, some of the most creative and best ideas for the business come when happy, healthy staff have an impromptu meeting in a break area, simply by running into one another.

Having versatile, height adjustable tables in a break room encourages people to, firstly, use the break room, and secondly interact with one another around the tables. These tables can be small and efficient in size, such as you’ll see with our breakroom table (, but the soft benefits to having something like this in the office make it a very wise investment.

4) Pick the right colours to set the tone
We touched on this a little earlier in discussing the aesthetics of a table, but colour is important to office furniture. If you have too many different, clashing coloured tables in your office, the effect is chaotic and messy, and that both looks and “feels” unprofessional.

At the same time you don’t want an environment so uniform that it looks stifling and sterile. One of the key features of our range of tables is that, rather than be uniform in colour and design, they are, instead, complementary and subtle in their differences. You can then introduce additional colour into the space through the use of plants, chairs, or other designs, but those tables will create the kind of clean professionalism that will be very comfortable to work in.

5) Use office furniture to make the most of your office space
Office space is a significant expense to the typical business now, so most offices find they have less space than they might consider ideal. While undeniably a challenge (especially as the business grows and takes on new people), there are ways to optimize the use of furniture, to make the most of the space that the office does have.

One of our popular product lines are tilt and folding tables ( They’re popular because people can easily store them in a small space when they’re not being used, and then pull them out for meetings or when the additional desk space is needed for a period of time; for example, when a temporary employee needs a desk to work at.

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