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Three Things To Consider When Purchasing Mobile Storage

Finding a good storage solution for your business is important. It helps organize documents or other pieces of content, and it’s more secure, too. A well-organised storage solution prevents sensitive documents from going missing or being seen by someone that they shouldn’t.

Furthermore, mobile storage is, by nature, flexible and space-saving, meaning it’s possible to keep your office space free of clutter and mess. However, many businesses struggle to really understand what they’re looking for in a mobile storage solution. We carry a wide range of different mobile storage solutions (, and know from experience that choosing a solution that properly suits the office environment is important for realizing an optimal return on the investment.

There are three things in particular that you should be considering when investing in mobile storage:

1) What do you need the mobile storage for?
If you’re going to be using your mobile storage unit for archiving documents, then you probably won’t need as much space as if it is to be used as a library. If you’re storing large and bulky items, the shelving design will probably need to be different. And if you’ll be storying highly sensitive and confidential information, then you’ll want to consider how you can then properly secure the storage unit.

Having versatile mobile storage options available to our clients is important to us, as we know that each client will need the unit for something different, so be sure to talk to your Abax Kingfisher representative about your specific needs when researching mobile storage units.

2) Will you be able to move the mobile storage without mechanical assistance?
Mobile storage units can be heavy, and might well require mechanical assistance to move. If your requirements aren’t such that you need heavy storage shelving, you may find it more cost effective over the long term to have lighter, and more movable mobile storage installed. Removing the need for mechanical assistance also helps prevent any injury or other OH&S risks, and the requirement to train staff on the proper operation of the mobile storage unit.

3) Is mobile storage the most cost-effective solution?

In most cases, mobile storage will be the clear leader in any cost-benefit analysis. They require less space, centralises storage (preventing any issues with lost material when using ad-hoc filing and storage systems), and reduces the need to set up off-site archiving facilities.

But again, costs for mobile storage solutions can very significantly, and all modern businesses want to minimise wastage. Once you’re aware of what you need the mobile storage for, it’s important to make sure that you research the pricing options for the specific application of storage that you’re looking for.

As one of the most experienced retailers of mobile storage solutions, Abax Kingfisher has the heritage and expertise in mobile shelving to help you answer the questions above. Our goal is to make sure the client gets exactly the right solution for their needs, and we are able to offer a wide range of different, customisable solutions with that in mind.

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