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The reception is the first impression that people have of a business, and a school’s no different. Whether it’s parents, students, teachers, suppliers, or government visitors, the reception area sets the tone for their entire experience of your school.
Abax Kingfisher specialises not only in providing leading, premium quality furniture solutions to students and classrooms, but we make sure that your reception area looks impeccable and feels comfortable as well. From desks that fit with any décor or design that you might envision, through to comfortable chairs to sit in, both for staff and visitors, we make sure that those all-important first interactions with your school are positive.
Run with any desk design you like
The desk is such an important part of the school reception furniture mix, and at Abax Kingfisher we pride ourselves on the range of desks that we offer.
One feature that’s important to a reception desk is that there’s a space where the desk is open and unobstructed. This is to facilitate communication between the staff member and the visitor, and it also allows for the sharing of papers and physical interaction across the desk (for example, to share a pen to sign papers), without the desk getting in the
way. At the same time, it’s important to have more private areas on a reception desk, where the receptionist can undertake work unimpeded, or sensitive documents or objects can be concealed from general view.
This is why we offer such an extensive range of school reception furniture at Abax Kingfisher; we combine both critical functions of a reception desk, but as no two reception spaces are going to be exactly the same, and we aim to make sure that the way that these desks are designed are varied enough to suit any environment.
Furthermore, if you have any unique ideas for your reception area, don’t hesitate to contact us! We have a long history in working on custom projects, as no two schools are the same and, as we’ve been saying, the design of your reception area should match the vision that you have for your school! Contact
us today on 1300 811 054 to start discussing your school reception furniture needs.