Sydney Ergonomic Chair



  • Three Lever Action
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Range of colours available
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Sydney Ergonomic Chair

Sydney Ergonomic Chair, According to, Ergonomics is “designing or arranging workplaces, products and systems so that they fit the people who use them”. In order to be the best ergonomic chair, a chair has to fit everyone. And allow a healthy and safe sedentary lifestyle.

We proudly name our best computer chair / office chair / ergonomic Chair “Sydney”. Having the typical low back feature of our ergonomic range, the Sydney is the definitive embodiment of the office chair with its three-lever action and moulded seat cushion as well as its back ratchet and back height adjustment. Those flexibilities complete the definition of ergonomic chair.

Moreover it has a black base three colours made from a commercial fabric for you to choose, to match the color of you office and computer rooms A dual density seat cushion upgrade feature is also available for a truly exceptional comfort without any back-sour and exhausted feeling. Drafting kit os available as an option + AD5 ARMS. The chair is completely design as computer chair or office chair for people who are in a long-term sedentary life-style, and is definitely one of the best chairs you can find in the market.

Our ergonomic designer have carefully learnt how people sit on their chair. In order to let this office chair suit everyone, almost every part of the chair are made adjustable, Back, Seat, Height and leaning back.