Multimedia Display and Storage



  • 25 year warranty
  • Bolt-less design
  • GECA Certified


Multimedia Display and Storage

Kingfisher Multimedia Display and Storage system, Most of the components are multifunctional. This system allowing collections to change with ease or for Mixed collections to be easily stored, without the expense of individual products only addressing a single need.

Two Tier Multimedia Display Shelf with Lip, Available in 900mm Width for single face out display. Two tier display shelf with 50mmllip with upturn.

Single / Two or Three-Tier CD-DVD Flip Shelves, Available in 900mm width for face-out display of CD and DVD. Flip Shelves are fitted with a clear 50mm or 100mm high acrylic front for full display, the base of the shelf is fitted with rubber matting to prevent slip.


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