Eightby 4 Parralelogram Ottomans L/H


We provide the ultimate family of interactive shapes, and create an infinite number of collaborative settings to cater for groups of 2-20 people? With the clever use of geometric shapes provides uniform dimensions to create a family of pieces that can fit together and be repositioned in an infinite number of ways.



This product was designed to be bought as a set.

The 450mmH and 720mmH can be mixed and matched to suit your needs.

DIMENSIONS Eightby 4 – Parallelogram L/H

Overall Size: 835mmW x 610mmD x 450 – 720mmH






450mmH Fabric Meterage

Parallelogram L/H: 2.3m

720mmH Fabric Meterage

Parallelogram L/H: 3.3m

MATERIALS & CONSTRUCTION Heavy-duty inner frame constructed from plywood/ solid wood

Superior 80mm 35/230 FR Foam

Fully Upholstered

Black Plastic Glides

FEATURES Modular options to optimise the use of the workplace

Full Set includes 8 Ottomans

Fine top stitch detailing

WARRANTY 5 years (excluding upholstery)
LEAD TIME 35 Working Days
FINISH Standard Upholstery (refer to Abax Kingfisher upholstery colour card)
LINKS Click Here for the Eightby 4 Small Triangle

Click Here for the Eightby Large Triangle

Click Here for the Eightby 4 Parallelogram R/H

Click Here for the Eightby 4 Trapezoid

Click Here for the Eightby 4 Square

Click Here for the Eightby 450mmH Family

Click Here for the Eightby 4 720mmH Family



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