Class Project



The Class Project Collaborative Collection allows for 30 students to collaborate in an effective setting.

Designed with comfort and collaboration in mind the Class Project setting utilises tiered seating to ensure all students can easily communicate and have clear line of sight to each other.

The Class Project Collaborative Collection Includes:

  1. Roundhouse 36er Oval with Bench 1100mmH
  2. Ariah Stools x 16

Roundhouse 36er with Bench 1100mmH

The Roundhouse lounge is a modular, mobile lounge system, perfect for Libraries, breakout areas and classrooms.

It is high back helps create a focused collaborative zone for students and teachers to work effectively.

The curved design of the lounge helps focus students on each other assisting in collaborative outcomes.

The Tiered seating allows for an effective use of space whilst also enabling easy communication and clear line of sight between peers.

For other styles, layouts, and sizes of the Roundhouse Lounges Click Here

Ariah Stools

The Ariah Stool is stackable, lightweight, and heavy duty. It includes a ‘flex back’ system that allows the user to actively move whilst ensuring proper ergonomic support.

The Ariah range is extremely comfortable and is designed for heavy use in high traffic areas, perfect for school environments.

The Ariah Range comes in a range of styles to suit any need:

  • Ariah 4 Leg Chair
  • Ariah Reverse Cantilever Chair
  • Ariah Backless Stool
  • Ariah Swivel Chair