Breakout & Casual Seating

Breakout and Casual Seating

Bring premium breakout space furniture into your school for better learning outcomes

Schools are adopting office breakout area furniture in classrooms and other areas as a way of encouraging more collaboration between students, provide comfortable study spaces, and subsequently generate better learning outcomes. At Abax Kingfisher, we stock a wide range of colourful, comfortable breakout space furniture, perfect for any school.

There are three features that are critical for breakout room furniture:
• They must be comfortable. In order to create an environment that is both welcoming, and conducive to study, it’s important that the furniture is comfortable. Our range of chairs and sofas are designed to provide many years of comfort for all students, while the variety in designs means that each student can find a favorite.
• They must be colourful. Aesthetics are important with breakout area furniture, as the right combination of colours and shapes can help put students in the right frame of mind for learning. Our range comes in every colour under the sun, so regardless of what design you had in mind for your space, we have you covered.
• They must be versatile. The furniture needs to suit both quiet study sessions for an individual, and collaborative sessions for a team. With the extensive Abax Kingfishter range, you’ll be able to create an environment that caters for all uses of the space.

Breakout session rooms are an ideal way of giving students an environment to focus on their studies and prepare them for their future jobs and careers. Modern office design is also very focused on creating these kinds of environments that heavily encourage people to move around, interact, and brainstorm with one another. So, by providing a similar space in your school, you’re giving students the tools they need to prepare themselves for the future.

Talk to the friendly team at Abax Kingfisher today about your school’s breakout spaces. We’ve been supplying schools across the country with leading furniture solutions to suit any design brief or environment. Contact us today at 1300 811 054.