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Our Favourite Classroom Designs


A good classroom design can encourage students to be creative, collaborative and innovative in the way they approach their learning. Here are some which we love!

When arranging classroom furniture, it is good to consider the message your arrangement sends to students about where and how they will learn.

Modern classroom designs tend to favour giving students a choice of learning environment, allowing them to access the lesson from their preferred perspective. Since many schools are moving towards a technology-driven delivery style, rooms which display innovation on this front are also a plus.

Here are some designs which caught our eye, which are sure to inspire students as well.


Designing for Groups


This classroom, with its organic-shaped tables and backless chairs, is a very practical space for students to engage in groupwork. The backless chairs with sturdy bases keep students safe, ensuring they can swivel to face a teacher standing at any place in the class, while also quickly turning around to engage with peers. This would a great, welcoming example of primary classroom furniture arrangement.


Creative Zones


This classroom uses its various spaces to great effect, allowing students to move about and participate in many different types of learning activities. It is conducive to student driven learning, thanks to the tables which connect to wall-mounted whiteboards. Although this design would work well for secondary schools, smaller sized primary classroom furniture could see this design implemented effectively for younger learners too.


STEM Integration


When considering high school classroom furniture arrangements, it is important to have spaces where students can develop the necessary STEM skills for today’s modern workplaces. We like the way this room is designed around its screens and power options, while also primarily letting students focus on their own clusters. The distance between tables naturally keeps each group focused on their own task, and allows space to gather in case any one group makes a breakthrough worth sharing with the class.


Student-driven Self Study


This is a design which we’d love to see for a school library learning space. There is a choice between secluded booths for student self-study, as well as a more open space for group tasks and sharing. High school classroom furniture arranged in this way signals to students that they can be trusted with directing their own learning based on their personal preferences, and the additional agency can foster a sense of ownership of the space and their knowledge.


A Focused Classroom


For a more traditionally designed learning space, we like this room which features rearrangeable tables and chairs that can be connected or disconnected. The triangular table design allows for students to band together into groups of three or six, while they can be just as easily taken apart for individual activities, pop quizzes or exam conditions. This set of classroom furniture offers flexibility for both teachers and students, so that the design of classroom instruction is never limited by the furniture itself.

These have been some of our favourite classroom arrangements which foster a modern mindset towards learning. Whether planning for primary or high school, taking note of principles such as student choice, adaptability, STEM opportunities and collaboration will ensure that your classroom furniture communicates the same values that all students should be developing.

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