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How to add power to furniture in classrooms, breakout spaces and libraries

Technology is evolving at a rapid rate and the uptake of this technology is increasing exponentially in educational environments. A key issue we are seeing regularly, with classroom furniture, breakout space furniture, library furniture and many other spaces within the school, is the lack of easy access to power to charge electronic devices. Whilst this was not a major issue a short time ago, it has been increasingly problematic as the education sector turns towards more digital methods of communication and learning.
The good news is that you don’t have to replace all your furniture to have integrated power, many of the options available are able to be retro-fitted.
This is done by using a system called soft wiring to deliver power to your furniture. The advantage of soft wiring is that it creates a modular, extendable system of wiring that can be installed without the need for an electrician for a majority of the process. Soft Wiring allows you to add multiple power delivery methods to a single Standard GPO without overloading the GPO.
You can also have an electrician swap out your standard 3-pin wall plug and install a soft wiring starter power point. This allows you to add even more power outlets from a single starting point.
When adding Soft Wiring to your furniture there are 3 standard types of power delivery you can add.

Standard GPO


Softwire Power and Data Plates - Dual Tier

The first types of power delivery is the plain old 240v GPO, this can be added underneath desks and workstations. It can also be installed on top of desks, tables, workstations and lounges to allow easy charging of laptops, phones, tablets and any other devices that have a standard 3 pin plug.

USB Charging – Type A and C


TUF PD USB Fast Charging | OE Elsafe

This type of power can be added to virtually any type of furniture, such as lounges, desks or tables. USB Type C charging is rapidly becoming the main source of power for most portable devices such as laptops, phones and tablets. The Type C charging port is slightly more expensive and may not be required in your space just yet which is why the USB charging ports we supply are designed to be upgraded without having to replace the whole unit; cutting down on waste and costs.

Wireless Charging

ARC-80 Wireless Charger | OE Elsafe

Wireless charging is still in it’s infancy and is usually only used for mobile phones and other small portable devices. However it can be installed into tables, desks and lounges.
There are a huge number of ways we can add power to your furniture using one of the 3 types of power delivery mentioned above. It really depends on what type of furniture you are adding the power to and what type of style you would like to use.
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