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Flexible classroom seating: The pathway to better educational outcomes

Classroom seating can have a major impact on the learning outcomes for children. More and more schools are looking to flexible classroom seating as a way in which to encourage more creative and innovative thought from STUDENTS, and thus deliver better educational results.
In the business world, people are expected to think flexibly and dynamically if they wish to achieve a successful carreer. The idea of cubicle offices is being replaced with more flexible office spaces, where people are encouraged to utilise furniture and settings that work best for their task at hand.

This should apply to classroom seating, too. Utilising different types of seating within a classroom or study space allows students to choose the best area to complete the task at hand.

In addition to more closely resembling a student’s future work environment, flexible classroom seating provides immediate benefits to the students. The more mobile classroom environment burns more calories, uses up excess energy and increases oxygen flow to the brain, while also improving core strength and posture. All of these things help students achieve a better academic performance.

It’s also important that teacher’s don’t just make the investment in flexible Educational furniture, but also adopt a flexible approach to teaching. The old days of assigning seats to students has been replaced with a willingness to let the children determine their own seating. Giving STUDENTS the additional capacity to determine their own approach to work requires a different approach to teaching, as well as some new investments in educational furniture, and that can be a challenge for both teachers and their existing students, but the results it will generate are far superior.

When it comes to flexible classroom seating and educational furniture design, the team at ABAX KINGFISHER have many years of experience in helping teachers and schools develop leading, innovative solutions. Contact us today on 1300 811 054 to start discussing how we can help you deliver better outcomes for your students.

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