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Are ottomans an effective tool for studying in a flexible classroom?


“Flexible” is the big keyword that dominates so many conversations in classroom design these days. Using classroom furniture to allow kids to work and study on their own terms results in better educational outcomes for the students, and for this reason, educators are looking very seriously about just how flexible their school furniture is.
The ottoman chair is a humble piece of furniture, but it should be part of every classroom mix. Here are three really good reasons why:
1) The ottoman provides choice.
In itself, the ottoman is a good seating chair. Because it lacks a back it allows the child to swivel and turn to face the teacher or their peers, as the task demands, and because it has a small form factor, it’s also easy to physically move around to suit individual projects.
But the ottoman can also be paired up with a comfortable sofa lounge to act as a foot rest of similar, making for a cozy reading environment. The versatility of the ottoman goes with the versatility of learning environments, which helps children make the most of each day in the classroom.
2) The ottoman helps posture and development.
Because ottomans have no back, to sit on them a person needs to hold their own posture. For the developing bodies of children, this is so much better than allowing them to slouch into a chair or rely on the backrest.
3) Ottomans encourage sharing
Something odd happens with a traditional chair; because it has a visual boundary (with the back and, often, arm rests), people tend to claim the space as their own, and are unwilling to share. But as part of a mix of classroom furniture seating options that are found in a flexible classroom environment, ottomans are really great at encouraging children to collaborate and share with one another.
Get the most out of your educational furniture
The ottoman should not be the exclusive seating option that a child has throughout the day; the goal of a flexible classroom should be to have school furniture as wide ranging as standing desks through to bean bags. But as part of the mix of furniture, an ottoman can be an incredibly flexible and effective tool to enhance studying.


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