20 Questions You Should Always Ask About Classroom Furniture Before Buying It

Classroom furniture featuring Ariah student stools and teknik


Here are the key considerations to have before making a commitment to a purchase of classroom furniture. Make sure you choose what is best for your school.


There can be many factors which go into choosing the right set of school furniture, and it’s not a decision to be made lightly. Teachers and students would benefit from a reliable, consistent and versatile set of equipment which supports students’ learning without creating any barriers or hinderances. With this in mind, here are the top factors which educators should consider when assessing the effectiveness of their next school furniture purchase.


Safety & Comfort

  1. Is this piece of school furniture durable and resistant to breaks or damage?
  2. Will the construction of the classroom furniture create a trip hazard?
  3. Are the materials used in the construction safe and non-toxic? (Eg. heat resistant for science labs)
  4. Are the materials comfortable to sit or write on for long periods of time? (Do they build up static on school uniforms?)
  5. Is the classroom furniture protected by a long-lasting warranty clause?


  1. Is the classroom furniture light enough to be moved around for various activities?
  2. Will students have a choice over how they organise themselves, and how they sit or stand at various tables and chairs?
  3. Can the furniture be used reasonably for different types of activities the teachers plan to run in the average classroom?
  4. Does the furniture offer functionality across multiple subject disciplines?
  5. Is the furniture accessible for students of diverse heights and body shapes?

Behaviour & Routine

  1. Does the furniture for school classroom environments communicate cleanliness, order and respect?
  2. Will students be tempted to graffiti or vandalise certain areas of the equipment? (And can it be easily cleaned?)
  3. Do tables and chairs offer the students any opportunity to fidget?
  4. Can the teacher clearly and directly interact with all students, or does the classroom furniture design offer them ways to disengage or hide?
  5. Will students immediately understand the right way to use the furniture and equipment?

Functionality & Technology Integration

  1. Does the furniture for school classroom spaces fit the average laptop, and allow for charging cables to run across or underneath?
  2. What expectations regarding learning, attitude and creativity do the school furniture pieces communicate, visually?
  3. Does the furniture encourage students to communicate with each other, or to seclude themselves?
  4. Does the furniture allow for students to focus on various different points in the classroom?
  5. Are the pieces of classroom furniture cost effective for the benefit they offer students and teachers?



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