NO5 Swivel Chair



NO5 Swivel Chair, Immediately striking yet engagingly subtle. No5′s combination of deep curves, sloping faces, tapering sides and soft rounded corners create an inviting new form. But it’s not all show as No5 has been created with a strong focus on ‘design for manufacture’. The result is a unique and beautiful chair that also happens to be very practical and cost effective.

“I’m fascinated by the capability of modern computer controlled manufacturing technologies, and the potential to apply these technologies in innovative new ways, creating subtle new forms that belie their machine origin. No5 is a continuation of my creative developments with CNC foam cutting technology. It’s complex form is cut in one piece from solid foam with very little wastage” – Keith Melbourne

5 Years warranty
Manufactured in a ISO 14001 Certified Factory

W670 x D690 x H765