Heron Chair



Heron Chair  by Charles Wilson

“My inspiration started while doing a commission for NSW Government House. I was photographing the interior spaces and all these curvaceous Victorian lounge chairs and wondered how I could re-interpret these organic shapes in a modern way”, says Charles.

The side profile is reminiscent of a large bird coming to land; the graceful, streamlined form of the body sits on a cantilevered axis that seems to flow directly into the star base.

Heron is a truly comfortable lounge chair. Charles made the 1;1 scale patterns that form the chair and seat moulds by hand. These were meticulously tested and modified until the optimum level of comfort was achieved.

The body is made using a polyurethane co-moulding process where two materials are used in the same mould, structural polyurethane for the outer back shell and a soft foam for the front and over the arms. The separate seat cushion is also cold-cured foam and the star base, cast aluminium

## 5 Years
## Manufactured in a ISO 14001 Certified Factory