Modern Educational Furniture Trends Are All About Style, Comfort and The Learning Experience

Studies show that flexible, creative, bright and interesting learning environments tend to produce the best learning outcomes. Students are more receptive to ideas and knowledge when they’re in an environment that encourages them to be both comfortable and creative. At Abax Kingfisher, we are specialists in providing that exact type of school furniture. NSW institutions, from primary schools right through to universities, are coming to us as a trusted partner in building an unparalleled classroom experience.

It's all about colour, design, and construction

There are three things that educators want in their school furniture. Sydney schools – and indeed those all through the state – are increasingly aware of the importance of the environment in keeping a child of any age alert and focused, and so at Abax Kingfisher, we specialise as school furniture suppliers based on three key criteria:

  • Colour; Colour is so important in creating a learning environment that is both relaxing and calming, and also encourages students to stay alert. School kids have an abundance of energy, and we work closely with teachers and school bodies to design rooms that channel that energy into classroom participation.
  • Design; school furniture suppliers need to be aware that classroom furniture is used day-in, day-out for many hours each day. It’s important that the furniture is built to be comfortable for long hours of use each day.
  • Construction; Because classrooms are used for such long periods of time each day, the construction of the furniture needs to be sturdy and robust. Schools can lose a lot of money in having to frequently replace furniture, so in this regard it’s always better to view furniture as a long-term investment, and make sure the equipment can stand up to years of use before it needs to be replaced.


How to purchase innovative, creative furniture for your school

When you contact Abax Kingfisher, the first thing that we’ll do is work with you to understand the kind of classroom environment that you’re looking to create. With classrooms becoming more creative and innovative, no two classrooms can be expected to be the same, and we specialise in listening to your ideas for the ideal classroom, and then coming up with the perfect solution to realisethat goal. Contact us today on 1300 300 369 to start discussing what we can do to bring creative, innovative classroom furniture into your school.


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