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One of the challenges that educators face in selecting and purchasing student chairs is the ergonomics of them; just what design will result in the children being comfortable in their student chair, and therefore more attentive in class across the whole day? This challenge is compounded by the sheer range in which children sit in
Classroom seating can have a major impact on the learning outcomes for children. More and more schools are looking to flexible classroom seating as a way in which to encourage more creative and innovative thought from STUDENTS, and thus deliver better educational results. In the business world, people are expected to think flexibly and dynamically
Finding a good storage solution for your business is important. It helps organize documents or other pieces of content, and it’s more secure, too. A well-organised storage solution prevents sensitive documents from going missing or being seen by someone that they shouldn’t. Furthermore, mobile storage is, by nature, flexible and space-saving, meaning it’s possible to
There are more office table designs than you can possibly imagine. As the design of the office has become increasingly important – people want their office space to match their brand and kind of work they do – so too has it become important that the tables in the office make ‘sense’ to that space.