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Meta description: Activity-based teaching is the future in delivering the best educational outcomes to students. Here’s everything you need to know about activity-based learning A relatively new approach to teaching is what is called activity-based teaching. In activity-based teaching, the teacher encourages students to learn through hands-on experiments and activities, rather than simply stand at
Students spend a lot of time sitting down. Aside from lunch breaks and the occasional project where they move around a classroom, much of their time will be spent sitting in a school chair. For developing bodies, it’s important that educators invest in good quality seating equipment to prevent potential future health and physical complications.
One of the most dominant trends that we’re seeing in the classroom at the moment is this idea that alternative seating in the classroom is a way of improving learning outcomes. In other words, educators are increasingly looking at the use of seating such as stools in classroom environments. Why stools in the classroom? The
There are many different options facing educators when purchasing student furniture now. When it comes to chairs, there are three designs that really dominate the space; the traditional four-legged chair, and then the alternative designs of cantilever chairs and swivel-based chairs. Which design is right for your environment? Each chair has its own strengths and